Session 7

Digitalisation of Research Data


Session 7 addresses ongoing activities and plans concerning a) the development of research data infrastructures and b) digitalisation of journal data and provide an opportunity for coordinating between initiatives and planning joint work. It will be discussed what metadata standards are in use (e.g., MODA, metadata schemas, and ontologies), and how alignment and mediation between infrastructures and journal-publication based knowledge graphs can be supported. The landscape of European-funded projects, including within EOSC, will be evaluated and situated in a global context, in particular as regards the Horizon Europe programme.


The immediate objective consists in diversifying the activities of the EMMC in digitalisation, which are at present very strongly focused on a narrow subset of what constitutes digitalisation. To go beyond this, a session - this session - is needed that addresses the actual main fields of activity in digitalisation for materials modelling. On this basis, subsequent to the EMMC International Workshop, we aim at creating two task groups within the EMMC Focus Area on Digitalisation: 1) Data from journals; 2) Research data infrastructures; this is in addition to the task group on Digital Marketplaces that already exists.

Day 2 - Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021
14:10 - 15:40
Room 1

FAIR policies and practices in EOSC
by Brian Matthews (UKRI STFC Rutherford Appelton Laboratory, UK)

Impulse presentation #2
by NN (Organisation, Country)

The MaterialDigital platform and related initiatives
by Pedro Dolabella Portella (BAM Materials Engineering, DE)

Impulse presentation #4
by Yann Le Franc (eScience Data Factory, FR)


Martin Thomas Horsch (HLRS, DE)

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