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Digitalisation refers to the process of making use of digitised information (i.e., data in a digital form) to formulate and to create new knowledge enabling the extraction of insight out of such digital data.

In the context of materials science, digitalisation encompasses aspects of representing, managing, accessing and utilising digital information about products, components, materials, their behaviour and their processing to gain knowledge and insight  about the intricate structure-processing-form-properties relations along the entire value chains and life cycles of the material or a component and across multiple granularity levels.

Digitalisation rests on the ability to integrate all aspects of materials development including Data-Based and Physics-Based Modelling, Characterisation and post and pre-processing to enable digitisation along the entire value chain.

Moreover, digitalisation requires the integration of other tangible components including Translation, Education & Training and databases. Such an integration demands in turn strong interoperability foundations based on ontology as well as facilitating tools and platforms such as Digitalisation Materials Modelling Marketplaces and Open Simulation Platforms.

The overarching goal of this Focus Area is to create a vibrant digital materials development eco-system in Europe that encompasses all the above activities and links them together to Open Translation Environments, Innovation Test Beds, Open Characterisation Hubs and Environments, Manufacturing Marketplaces and Open Innovation Platforms and Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR) Materials Data Repositories.


  • Promote the establishment of a sustainable digitalisation eco-system for the benefit of industry and academy
  • Foster interoperability based on ontology between models, data repositories, and communities to enhance and facilitate integration and digitalisation
  • Ensure the success of Digitalisation Market Places and e-science collaboration Platforms
  • Connect Digitalisation Marketplaces with Innovation Test Beds, Manufacturing Marketplaces, Characterisation Innovation Environments and hubs

Leading Team

Adham Hashibon (Materially - The Materials Modelling Marketplace GmbH, Germany) & Martin Thomas Horsch (Science and Technology Facilities Council, United Kingdom)

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