Innovation Dissemination and Exploitation Manager

Job description:

Goldbeck Consulting is involved in a wide range collaborative EU and UK funded materials science and digitalisation projects. You will support our role as Dissemination and Exploitation Manager in these projects and strengthen the planning and execution of Goldbeck Consulting communications.

Kind of job:

- Pro-active management of communication and dissemination of project outcomes
- Producing communication and dissemination content including reports on workshops and writing overview and White Papers based on science and marketing research results and literature surveys
- Contributing to exploitation management and business planning for scientific projects
- Organising, leading and contributing to project meetings and workshops using online collaborative tools and in person at various locations throughout Europe
- Supporting related administrative tasks such as project reporting


• Strong communicator and proven track record of science communication in different forms and media.
• Self-motivated, naturally curious and an independent worker
• Collaborative and happy to contribute to various teams spanning across Europe
• Independent, proactive and creative, exploiting opportunities for collaboration that further the goals of both the project and the company
• Interested in business and exploitation aspects of science innovation
• educated to at least degree level and have experience of working in the science/engineering field.
• interest in the field of innovation exploitation and ideally training and/or proven track record in a related field such as product management and business planning.


You will be working in an intellectually stimulating environment. You will be collaborating with leading researchers from academia and industry throughout Europe. We offer a flexible way of working. The position will be part time (at least 50%) but has potential to grow to full time employment.
The role is home based in the UK (a location in the area of Cambridge/London is preferred) and is paid at a competitive rate according to level of experience.

As soon as possible
Closing date:
30 April 2023
Company information:
Goldbeck Consulting

Over the course of a 25-year career in academia and the software industry, Gerhard Goldbeck saw how materials modelling and informatics grew and developed on the one hand, and fell short of its full potential on the other. Founded in 2011, Goldbeck Consulting aims to identify and bridge the gaps holding the materials modelling ecosystem back.

While the term ‘materials modelling’ suggests a well defined field, the reality is that it is an agglomeration of traditionally quite separate science and engineering sub-disciplines, in terms of models, methods and applications. The result is often very confusing for new-comers and stands in the way of the full discovery, development, and use of new materials in response to society’s many challenges.

Goldbeck Consulting helps you navigate this ecosystem successfully, by: connecting communities; supporting the validation and technology transfer of academic developments to industry; translating industrial needs into impactful materials modelling projects; and researching the pathways and barriers to economic and societal impact.

Goldbeck Consulting has a proven track record of delivering results working with more than 20 clients from the academic, software and materials sectors and more than 10 European Horizon projects.

Cambridge, UK

European Materials Modelling Council
Silversquare Stéphanie
Avenue Louise 54
1050 Brussels
CBE no: 0731 621 312