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EMMC welcomes the intentions of relevant initiatives

  • to identify at least one partner of the initiative that is responsible for EMMC collaboration, becomes an EMMC Organisational Member and actively takes part in EMMC Focus Area(s)
  • for the project to contribute to EMMC Focus Areas and Task Groups in order to widen its collaboration with relevant stakeholders. EMMC in turn will provide the framework for collaboration (independent oversight by Focus Area leadership)
  • to support joint dissemination events, such as the EMMC International Workshop and other topical forums


EMMC will be pleased to interact with the project and its partners in these and other relevant ways and invites relevant partners of the project to become EMMC members.
EMMC will provide its channels for dissemination activities like news & event posts, webinars and relevant publications.

The EMMC platform will expose the project results to a wide audience of stakeholders, including industrial partners, modelers, and policy makers.
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