3rd EMMC International Workshop 2021


Materials and our ability to understand and utilise their behaviour play a central role in supporting industrial transformation and delivering against the objectives of the European Green Deal. More than ever, we are aware of supply chain capabilities and opportunities of a digitally connected world.
The EMMC International Workshop has become known as a leading cross-cutting event where stakeholders from different materials modelling-related fields in industry and academia get together to discuss topics of strategic importance and elaborate on gaps and potential actions to move the field forward.
Previous EMMC International Workshops had an approximately 50% participation from industry, benefitting from the opportunity to get a high level overview of key trends in modelling and digitalisation of materials.

Following successful events held in Vienna in 2017 and 2019, the 3rd EMMC International Workshop will take place in a digital format in 2021, while retaining its key element of extended discussion sessions covering the EMMC Focus Areas, Modelling development, Interoperability, Digitalisation, Software, Impact in Industry and Policy. Session outcomes will provide input to future research agendas, and in particular the EMMC Roadmap.
Whether you are a Modeller, Materials Data Scientist, Software Owner, Translator or Industrial R&D Manager, the EMMC International Workshop provides the opportunity to make your voice heard and become informed about future research trends and policies.

EMMC, in collaboration with participants, will produce a workshop-outcomes document based on the discussion sessions of each of the Focus Areas.

Plenary Talks

Sir C. Richard A. Catlow (University College London and Cardiff University, United Kingdom)
Interatomic Potentials - Why we still need them and how can we improve them
Emanuele Ghedini (University of Bologna, Italy)
From ontology to practical applications
Bryce Meredig (Citrine Informatics, USA)
Digitalisation of materials innovation
Nicola Marzari (EPFL, Switzerland)
The digital infrastructures for 21st-century science
Anne de Baas (Belgium)
Ontology for business opportunities for simulation and comparison of methods
Søren Bøwadt (European Commission DG Research & Innovation, Belgium)
Materials modelling and digitalisation - a key enabler for industrial innovation in Horizon Europe
Melanie Herman (Airbus, France)
Challenges for Airbus in the domain of the digitalization of Composite materials

Discussion Sessions

The workshop offers the opportunity for in-depth discussions within 12 Sessions organised by the EMMC Focus Areas.
Each Session includes short Impulse talks (10-15 minutes each) plus extended discussions on prepared discussion notes which will form the basis for reporting on Session outcomes.
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