EMMC Members

Associate Members

Any person who adheres to the purpose of EMMC ASBL can become an Associate Member. Associate Members have no voting rights.

Active participation by Associate Members is important for the advancement of EMMC objectives and EMMC welcomes their support of the community.

Membership benefits

Any person based in Europe who adheres to the purpose of EMMC ASBL can become a Full Individual Member.

Full Individual Members are core to the association and help drive the EMMC forward.

Membership benefits

Full Individual Members

Organisational Members

Any company, national organisation, legal entity, university, research institute, non-profit organisation, etc. with a presence in Europe, interested in the modelling and digital representation of materials and integrated computational engineering and committing to the aims and objectives of EMMC ASBL can become an Organisational Member.

The participation of Organisational Members is critical to the success of the EMMC, helping to guide and support EMMC. The EMMC is ready to receive their input and work with them on the development of best practices, standards, roadmaps, staff training, policy development, etc.

Membership benefits
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