Our Mission

The development of new and improved materials and the use of existing materials in new applications are a key factor for the success and sustainability of European industry and society in general.
The European Materials Modelling Council considers the integration of materials modelling and digitalisation critical for more agile and sustainable product development.
Created in 2014, the EMMC undertook numerous consultation and networking actions with representatives of all stakeholders including modellers, materials data scientists, software owners, translators and manufacturers in Europe.
Already 2014, but mainly within the H2020 EMMC-CSA project (2016-2019) a set of underpinning and enabling actions have been identified and proposed to increase the industrial exploitation of materials modelling in Europe:

EMMC Goals

... between all stakeholders involved in different types of modelling and digitalisation of materials, including processes and manufacturing
interaction &
... and digitalisation of materials on a solid and coherent basis
 the integrated
... of materials modelling in industry, especially in small and medium enterprises
awareness &
... for materials modelling in Europe
the software
... to the increased use of modelling and digitalisation of materials in European industry and develop strategies to overcome them
... by creating bridges between academic research and the industrial exploitation
& support
actors &
... of modelling and digitalisation of materials in Europe
The EMMC elaborates Materials Modelling Roadmaps after intensive consultation and networking with all stakeholders. The EMMC Roadmaps (i) identify major obstacles to widening the use of materials modelling in European industry and (ii) recommends strategies to overcome them.
The non-profit association, EMMC ASBL, was created in 2019 to ensure continuity, growth and sustainability of EMMC activities.
The participation is open to all international materials modelling experts.
With your active involvement, you can contribute to more agile and sustainable development of processes and products.
Join the EMMC
Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of EMMC during the EMMC International Workshop 2019 in Vienna with members of the EMMC-CSA Management Board and EU Project Officer.