EMMC Roadmaps

The EMMC elaborates roadmaps that identify major obstacles to widening the use of materials modelling in European industry and proposes strategies to overcome them.
The EMMC Roadmaps are based on input from all stakeholders, including industry end users and materials modelling communities identifying gaps and actions in order to support the increased utilisation of materials modelling in industry.
EMMC Roadmap 2020


The first Roadmap 2015 was elaborated starting 2014 and published in February 2015 after extensive consultation exercises that included online discussions and workshops while activities for the second Roadmap 2016 started in February 2016 and concluded in June 2016, again after an extensive consultation that included an online survey and meetings.
After the EMMC International Workshop 2017 the preparation of the next roadmap was started based on the reported results of this major EMMC event. The outcome of smaller EMMC events like focused workshops, expert group meetings and surveys during 2017/2018 have been included into the EMMC Roadmap 2018 which was published in September 2018.
Based on the outcome of the EMMC International Workshop 2019 and smaller EMMC events in the second half of the H2020 project EMMC-CSA the EMMC Roadmap 2020 has been published in November 2020.
At the end of 2023 the EMMC Roadmap on the Digital Transformation of Materials Science and Engineering has been published.
There the key challenges are identified and priorities on materials innovation driven by digitalisation are provided.
Pushing materials frontiers will require collective efforts of a diverse community of materials science, data science and semantic technologies expertise and innovations from a broad spectrum of disciplines.