EMMC Organisation


President & Board of Directors (BoD)

Nadja Adamovic
President, BoD
TU Wien

Dr. Nadja Adamovic has experience in material modelling, characterisation and process development in particular for photovoltaic applications and physical microsensors. Since 1994, she is employed at the TU Wien as senior scientist. Nadja was a coordinator/manager and  Advisory Board member in several research projects.

Since 2014, Nadja was involved in the EMMC as Chair and member of the Organisational Management Board. Within EMMC-CSA she was project Coordinator and  leader of Dissemination and Stakeholder Integration activities. She is one of the founders of EMMC ASBL and holds the role of EMMC ASBL President. She is also a member of the  Board of Directors.

Malgorzata Celuch
QWED Sp. z o.o.
Kersti Hermansson
Uppsala University

Kersti Hermansson is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Uppsala University. Her group conducts research on multi-scale modelling workflows to enable (adequately) accurate simulations for real-world chemical applications. The group has much experience with redox chemistry of nano-structured metal oxides, electrochemistry and fundamentals of water/solid interfaces, molecular diffusion and interactions in solids, and computational vibrational spectroscopies.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA) and author of more than 240 peer-reviewed papers. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the EMMC, and was a WP leader within the EC funded EMMC-CSA.

Esther Hurtós

Dr. Esther Hurtós is an expert in EU Public Affairs for Research and Innovation with a scientific background as a physicist with a PhD in Materials Science, more than 7 years of experience in R&I in industrial companies and a deep understanding of the European framework programmes for funding R&I, after 16 years working at Eurecat Technology Centre in different positions, now as responsible of R&I Policy and Funding Programmes for more than 4 years.

She is cochair of the EMMC Policy Focus Area and member of the Made in Europe Partnership board.

Patrycja Polińska
Goodyear S.A.

Patrycja Polinska is a devoted Material Modeling Scientist with more than ten years of experience in the field.

After making a twist to plunge into the simulation world for her Ph.D., she continues working on new models in the industry, joining the R&D department at Goodyear S.A.

She has an experience at all scales in the material simulations, from ab-initio, through atomistic, coarse-grained, to FEA levels.

Jesper Friis
SINTEF Industry

Dr. Jesper Friis is a senior scientist at SINTEF in the group of Materials Physics. An important part of his research has been on modelling of metallic alloys and solar cell silicon from the electronic to microstructure scale. The need for robust coupling of software models at different scales made him a central participant in the work conducted by EMMC on interoperability and the development of the European Materials & Modelling Ontology.

He is experienced in EU projects, both as coordinator and participant and has been an active contributor to EMMC since 2014. He serves now on the Board of Directors of EMMC ASBL.

Adham Hashibon
University College London
United Kingdom

Adham Hashibon leads the Data-Driven Materials Discovery and Materials Informatics group at the University College London (UCL) within the Institute for Materials Discovery IMD. Prior to joining UCL in 2021, he spent 18 years at the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM in Freiburg, Germany, where he founded and led the Materials Informatics team, developing tools for interoperability, ontology, digitalisation and multiscale and multi-model coupling and linking workflows including the SimPhoNy open simulation platform, data space management systems and business decision support systems.

He serves as a partner in a number of EU funded projects. He has been an active member of the management board of the EMMC since 2014 and is one of the founders of EMMC ASBL.

Peter Haynes
Imperial College London
United Kingdom

Peter Haynes is Professor of Theory & Simulation of Materials and Vice-Provost (Education & Student Experience) at Imperial College London. His research interests focus on the development of new methods for performing large-scale first-principles quantum-mechanical simulations and their application to materials science, nanotechnology and biological systems. He is an author of the ONETEP code, which is freely available to academic groups worldwide and licensed to Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA for commercial distribution within Materials Studio.
Peter’s wider interests align closely with several focus areas of the EMMC, including sustainable software development, impact in industry of materials modelling, and articulation of the value of materials modelling to policymakers. He is keen to develop strong partnerships between the EMMC and other Europe-based organisations in advocating for the benefits of computational science and engineering across the materials community in both academia and industry.

Ilian Todorov
United Kingdom

Prof. Ilian Todorov leads the Computational Chemistry group at STFC Daresbury Laboratory.  With over 20 year’s experience in the field of HPC software engineering for materials modelling, he has led the UK flagship MD package, DL_POLY, and researched prospective materials for used nuclear fuel encapsulation with colleagues at Bristol, Sheffield and Queen Mary, London.  He is involved in a number of academic communities in the UK (CCP5, MCC, UKCOMES and RSE Society and FAIR4RS@RDA) and is partnering in the EMMC related projects VIMMP, OntoCommons and DOME4.0.

Ilian will support EMMC in bringing in his expertise and experience with best practices in research software engineering, academic and industry outreach, training and translation

The Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly.

Executive Team

Gerhard Goldbeck
Executive Secretary
Goldbeck Consulting Ltd.
United Kingdom

Dr Gerhard Goldbeck has experience in a range of materials modelling topics including software development, management and marketing. In 2011 he formed Goldbeck Consulting Ltd, offering services focused on industrial impact.

Gerhard has been involved with the EMMC since its beginning in 2014, as a member of the Organisational Management Board and during the EMMC-CSA also as leader of the Work Package on Interoperability. He is one of the founders of EMMC ASBL and holds the role of Executive Secretary.

Ernst-Dieter Janotka

Ernst-Dieter Janotka, EU funding expert and senior EU project manager, gained experience in administrative and financial coordination within several European funded projects since 2002.
Since 2014 he was in charge of the administrative and financial coordination, communication and dissemination in the FP7-ITN “Simdalee2” and the H2020 project "EMMC-CSA - The European Materials Modelling Council" at TU Wien.

Within EMMC ASBL he is assistant to the Executive Secretary, being responsible for Administration, Events & Communication.

The Executive Team is appointed by the Board of Directors.