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This Focus Area actually stands for everything that has to do with the capabilities and qualities of materials models and the modelling workflows. Development and validation of models and workflows belong here as do their application to challenging problems of industrial relevance in a range of domains.

This Focus Area thus embraces materials modellers and others interested in ...

  • Materials modelling applications for industry-relevant complex problems
  • Model and workflow development and validation
  • Promoting these topics

Physics-based models and modelling, and data-driven AI/ML techniques to support them, have a firm place in this focus area.  The models and methods involved are ...

  • Models from the electronic and atomistic scales up to the continuum world
  • Coupling & linking, i.e. multiscale modelling, hierarchical techniques
  • Modelling approaches to describe-understand-predict materials properties and processes
  • and more...


  • Promote the use of materials modelling in industry
  • Promote actions and activities to enhance the capabilities of materials modelling

Leading Team

Chair: Kersti Hermansson (Uppsala University, Sweden)

Co-chairs: Malrgorzata Celuch  (QWED, Poland), Maria Alfredsson (University of Kent, UK)

Task Groups

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