EMIRI is organising the workshop "RE-INVENTING MATERIALS RESEARCH... / JUN 30, 2022 / Grenoble (FR)


"Towards accelerated development by closely orchestrating AI, data, robotics, and high-performance computing"

Date: 30.06.202230.06.2022
City: Grenoble
Country: France
Organisers: EMIRI

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"RE-INVENTING MATERIALS RESEARCH: Towards accelerated development by closely orchestrating AI, data, robotics, and high-performance computing"
June 30th, 2022 / Grenoble (France)

A fully operational Materials Acceleration Platform (MAP) for advanced materials development, harnessing artificial intelligence and automation to accelerate the discovery, design and device integration of materials for breakthrough sustainable technologies has typically the potential to accelerate the innovation chain by a factor of 5-10.

MAPs are built on interdisciplinary scientific approaches, requiring a strong orchestration between the following five complementary areas :

  • Modelling, including data- and physics-based materials modelling and AI-driven design
  • Autonomous robotics platforms and fabrication technologies
  • Characterization, including multi-scale, multi-technique, in/on-line
  • AI-based data handling and workflow optimization
  • Materials knowledge representation using semantic technologies

How to address the gap in the overarching knowledge around these different areas?

How to better interconnect the digital and materials ecosystems for successful accelerated materials development?

How to speak a common language between the diverse communities?

How to widely deploy MAP infrastructures?

How to give Start-ups and SMEs access?

How to contribute to the reskilling & upskilling of individuals and organizations?

These questions and much more will be discussed during this workshop between Materials development stakeholders, gathering representatives from industry, RTOs, academics, solutions vendors and policy makers.

Stay tuned, more details will be provided soon.

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