EMMC2023 - Registration is open! / APR 26-28, 2023 / TU Wien - Vienna - Austria


#EMMC2023 - The 4th EMMC International Workshop finally provides the opportunity of networking with European and International experts on site again!

Date: 26.04.202328.04.2023
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Organisers: EMMC
TU Wien

Materials & Digitalisation: the backbone of the Green Transition

Materials, Digitalisation and the Green Transition form a closely connected triangle.

Materials are at the core of industrial processes, products and their functions and properties. The Green Transition, including advances in sustainability and safety crucially depends on materials innovation, which itself relies on digital technologies from modelling to data and knowledge representations.

Digitalisation advances materials innovation and the green transition, for example by providing the ability to carry out monitoring and tracking, simulation and forecasting, visualisation, systems and knowledge management and by enabling new levels of interactions.

Following events in 2017, 2019 (in Vienna) and 2021 (online), the 4th EMMC International Workshop returns as a physical event in Vienna in 2023 in its successful format combining high level plenaries with discussion sessions led by Impulse Talks. EMMC 2023 supports the importance of networking in physical events, EMMC 2023 by including 30 minute breaks between sessions as well as a poster session, a European Projects market, a joint ‘science walk’ through the centre of Vienna and an opportunity to socialise at Heurigen.

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