LIST - Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology


LIST - Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

General description of organisation

At Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) we employ inspiring staff who are world-leaders in their fields. Our researchers, have worked with industry and have established partnerships with companies and technology providers around the world.

LIST provides research, development and innovation services, fostering a collaborative public-private-partnership in advanced materials, service science and innovation, environmental technologies and health care.

LIST has a budget of approximately 130 M€, 630 employees, 350 referenced scientific publications, a portfolio of 50 patent families, 300 research projects (30% of which are conducted within European programmes).

Information on projects, services, products

  • Composelector (Coordinator & PI Dr Belouettar)| Multi-scale Composite Material Selection Platform with a Seamless Integration of Materials Models and Multidisciplinary Design Framework
  • DeeMa Project (Coordinator & PI Dr Belouettar)| Deep-Learning and Optimisation Enabled Material Microstructure Design
  • SUMO Project (Coordinator & PI Dr Belouettar)| Sustainable design empowered by materials modelling, semantic interoperability and multi-criteria optimization
  • SUMO Project (Coordinator & PI Dr Belouettar)| Semantic-based Material Twin and Co-Simulation Platform for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • MADISSA Project (PI Dr El Hachemi)|Numerical Design Tools for Ideal Solar Selective Absorbers

EMMC Contacts

Salim Belouettar
Gast Rauchs
Ahmed Makradi
Mohamed EL Hachemi
European Materials Modelling Council
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