General description of organisation

From the production of high performing customized series for the automotive sector in its first years of activity, to the servitization of its reengineering skills starting from 2020 under the wave of the 4.0 revolution, DIAD GROUP evolved into a game changer company in the automotive sector, whose mission is to challenge traditional materials/processes for automotive component production and to replace them with advanced sustainable materials and NNS/NS manufacturing processes. The value proposition of the company is to bring to its clients high performing customized solutions through the most advanced design and modeling/simulation techniques, testing them in relevant industrial environment.

DIAD GROUP is an end user of latest generation of materials, production methods and testing methodologies for the automotive sector. Member of the Board of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center with Rolls Royce and Boeing (UK) up to 2018, founder of Torino- Edistrict in 2012 for EV technologies promotion, co - charing the Nano - Manufacturing Group of the NANOFUTURE Platform, involved in 14 EC projects DIAD Group is bringing green design in manufacturing in a new era.

Information on projects, services, products

- Customised testing of innovative material/process solutions
- Manufacturing to zero as a service
- Process/product reengineering
- Lean manufacturing
- Advaced CAD Design, FEM simulations
- Materials data base for reengineering projects - archives built up in 20 years of collaborations with automotive clients
- R&D Staff with 25 years experience in EC funded projects
- HE MOZART (running)-
- H2020 BIOMAC (running) -
- H2020 KYKLOS4.0 (running) -

EMMC Contacts

Maddalena Rostagno
Sonia Sereno
German Sistac