QWED Sp. z o. o.


QWED Sp. z o. o.

General description of organisation

QWED is a hi-tech SME based in Warsaw, Poland. It develops and comercialises computer simulators of electromagnetic and multiphysics processes as well as instruments for precise measurements of electromagnetic properties of materials.

Founded in 1997 by four ambitious academics from the Warsaw University of Technology, QWED has been on the market for 25+years, on average employing 10+ R&D engineers, while successfully competing with international corporations of 10000+ employees.

QWED’s research and products have received prestigious awards, starting with the European Information Technology Prize (1998) and the Prime Minister of Poland Award (1999), up to the most recent recognition under the European Horizon 2020 Innovation Radar reachning the Finals of the 2021 Innovation Radar Prize.

Information on projects, services, products

QWED flagship products are:

- QuickWaveTM selectromagnetic and multiphysics simulation software, based on the in-house conformal FDTD engine, operated through different Graphical User Interfaces (from the industrial standard Autodesk® Inventor® Software to FreeCAD-based QW-Modeller), and enhanced with advanced materials’ models and  libraries;

- microwave and millimetre-wave resonators (including an industry-standard SPDR defined by IEC 61189-2-721:2015), which work as material test-fixtures connected to any popular Vector  (or even Scalar) Network Analyser; QWED’s Materials Measurements Suite software facilitates exceptionally fast and accurate characterisation of materials in lab and fab environments.

QWED’s mission is to provide high-quality products and services that meet the specific needs of our clients across the globe, in various sectors including telecommunications, radioastronomy, aerospace, automotive, materials science and manufacturing, food processing, biomedical, microwave chemistry, and other microwave power applications. QWED offers industrial consultancy and design, and willingly participates in European R&D projects (FP6, FP7, H2020, EUREKA, ERA.NET), which help the company develop new competencies, address new markets, and contribute to the European excellence. The most recently completed projects have been H2020 MMAMA and NanoBat, while ongoing are M‑ERA.NET I4BAGS and ULTCC6G_EPac. The team is open to new collaborations in the EMMC areas!

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