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United Kingdom Research and Innovation | Science and Technology Facilities Council

General description of organisation

UKRI STFC is responsible for supporting, coordinating and promoting research, innovation and skills development in the UK with a budget of over £1 billion. As a multidisciplinary science organisation (> 2,000 staff), it supports research in the area of astronomy, particle physics, nuclear physics, and space science.

STFC is an institutional member of the Allotrope Partner Network, plays a major role in the European Open Science Cloud and has been active in creating the Research Data Alliance.

The Scientific Computing Department provides large-scale computing resources and expertise in scientific computing to the STFC science programme. The department (> 200 staff) specialises in computational science, software engineering, data services and storage of scientific information, and HPC systems.

The computational science and engineering division provides for the advancement and support of applications and research through R&D projects across all scales of materials modelling.

Information on projects, services, products

STFC-SCD is involved in 28 projects from the Horizon 2020 programme (UKRI total: 280 Horizon projects), including:

  • Dome4.0
  • E-CAM
  • EOSCpilot
  • EOSC-hub
  • EOSC-secretariat
  • EUDAT2020
  • ExPaNDS
  • OntoCommons

We offer access to HPC and cloud facilities as well as computational software and expertise in the materials and molecular modelling scales.

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