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Goldbeck Consulting Ltd

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Over the course of a 25-year career in academia and the software industry, Gerhard Goldbeck saw how materials modelling and informatics grew and developed on the one hand, and fell short of its full potential on the other. Founded in 2011, Goldbeck Consulting aims to identify and bridge the gaps holding the materials modelling ecosystem back. While the term ‘materials modelling’ suggests a well defined field, the reality is that it is an agglomeration of traditionally quite separate science and engineering sub-disciplines, in terms of models, methods and applications. The result is often very confusing for new-comers and stands in the way of the full discovery, development, and use of new materials in response to society’s many challenges. Goldbeck Consulting helps you navigate this ecosystem successfully, by: connecting communities; supporting the validation and technology transfer of academic developments to industry; translating industrial needs into impactful materials modelling projects; and researching the pathways and barriers to economic and societal impact.

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Goldbeck Consulting has a proven track record of delivering results working with more than 20 clients from the academic, software and materials sectors and more than 10 European Horizon projects.
Goldbeck Consulting Services include
Insights: Obtain insights into the complex landscape of materials modelling, informatics, and digitalisation.
Translation: Get independent translation advice on materials modelling and digitalisation solutions for industrial R&D.
Impact: Track the maturity and improve the impact of materials modelling in your organisation.
Commercialisation: Plan the commercialisation of your software developments.
Ontology: Make sense of ontology-based data modelling.
Connecting: Connect and network with a wide range of experts.
Funding: Increase EU grant funding and project impact.
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