R&D on Materials Modelling in BMK

Alexander Pogány

Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, Austria


Alexander Pogány has its master in Microbiology and worked for about 3 years at Baxter Bioscience as validation expert in the Quality Control.

Since 2004 he works as senior expert in the national and international research policy in the area of Key Enabling technologies (Nanotechnology, Materials research and production). This includes the coordination of several research programmes.

He is Austrian Delegate for the Horizon Europe Cluster 4 programme,  the Working Party BNCT (Bio, Nano and converging Technolgies) and WPMN (Manufactured Nanomaterials) of the OECD, and  of Mirror Groups in several European Technology Plattforms.


R&D on Materials Modelling in BMK

Materials modelling, like characterisation methods, pervades, to a greater or lesser extent, all the research that we do. Due to more and more knowledge within AI technologies, materials modelling Materials models and simulation tools becomes better in order to eliminate trial-and-error loops during the development of materials, components and manufacturing processes.

Although the Austrian ministry for Climate Action, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology has not an own research strategy or roadmap on Materials Modelling some elements, like digital technologies, nanotechnology or materials research are addressed by research programmes on national and international level. These will be presented and discussed.