Session 5

Digital Marketplaces


Digital Marketplaces are multisided collaborative and trading platforms that facilitate materials innovation by easing access to otherwise disparate sources and deployments of information, expertise, software applications and data. In order to provide a seamless user experience, they require a high degree of integration and interoperability of several components (e.g. translation, education and training, modelling software and applications, data) as well as considerations of reliable IP and access rights management and rules of conduct. This session is focused on discussing the various interplays between these components, and also between various available and emerging public and commercial marketplace platforms.


  • Bring together and network existing collaborative platform owners, developers, and users
  • Discuss business aspects and long-term sustainability prospects and avenues, in particular the need for public-private partnerships and/or the interplay of public and commercial platforms
  • Multisided versus single sided platforms, pros and cons for the community
  • IP and user management, current and future aspects
  • Can the EMMC serve as a public marketplace? What is its scope? How to integrate and lead the way for commercial augmented solutions?
Session 5 is related to EMMC Focus Area "Digitalisation"

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Day 2 - Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021
10:50 - 12:20
Room 1

Establishing materials modelling marketplaces: from interoperability to cooperation
by Martin T. Horsch (HLRS, DE)

Material Data Digitalisation Challenges in an Engineering Commercial Environment
by Marco Musto (Matmatch, DE)

From Design to Manufacturing - the Materials Zone platform
by Assaf Anderson (MaterialsZone, IL)

DOME 4.0 - Enabling interoperability and collaboration in a digital marketplace ecosystem
by Amit Bhave (CMCL Innovations, UK)

Adham Hashibon (Materially, DE)

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