Digitalisation of Materials Innovation

Bryce Meredig

Citrine Informatics, USA


Dr. Bryce Meredig is cofounder and Chief Science Officer of Citrine Informatics, a materials informatics platform company, where he leads the External Research Department (ERD). ERD conducts publishable research with collaborators in academia, government, and industry.

Dr. Meredig's research interests include the development and validation of physics-informed machine learning methods specific to applications in materials science and chemistry; integration of physics-based simulations with machine learning; and data infrastructure for materials science.

Dr. Meredig received his PhD from Northwestern University and BAS and MBA from Stanford University.


Digitalisation of Materials Innovation

We discuss the domain-specific characteristics of materials science that make our field simultaneously (1) ripe for digitalisation and (2) a challenging application area for domain-agnostic machine learning (ML). We describe approaches for and benefits of using materials-tailored ML in new materials development; requirements for underlying materials data infrastructure; and unique methodological considerations associated with applying ML to
materials data. We conclude by highlighting several emerging areas of materials informatics research.


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