Benchmark of R&I programmes with the EMMC roadmap priorities

Esther Hurtós



Physics degree. PhD in Materials Science.

Over 7 years of experience working in R&I positions for 3 industrial companies from different sectors.

R&I Policy and Funding Programmes expert at Eurecat, the leading Technology Centre in Catalonia, where she has worked for more than 13 years in different positions as project coordinator, proposal writer, NMBP Programme manager and leading the Prospecting and Project Coordination unit.

Participates in several technology platforms and associations at EU and national level, for their channeling role of the R&I interests from different sectors and topics.

Co-chair of the EMMC Policy Focus Area.

Member of the IBISBA stakeholder advisory group.


Benchmark of R&I programmes with the EMMC roadmap priorities

Advanced Materials and Materials Modelling are key enablers to contribute to the EU industrial competitiveness and to reach the EC policy goals, such as the Green Deal, the digitisation and the EU sovereignty.

There will be several funding opportunities spread in the different European R&I programmes currently under preparation for the next multiannual financial framework (MFF), that will help release the potential of materials modelling and digitalisation.

A general overview of the main possibilities to implement the EMMC roadmap distributed in the programmes will be presented.

The talk will set the session scene. It will be followed by programme-specific talks providing a deeper understanding of some of the programmes.



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