Tool Suites for Working with Ontologies

Jean-Baptiste Lamy

LIMICS, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, France


Lamy Jean-Baptiste is a senior lecturer at Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, and a member of the LIMICS, a research lab focused on biomedical informatics and knowledge representation.

He is also the developer of the Owlready2 Python module that allows access to OWL ontology. He has developed many research prototypes, and one of them (VCM iconic medical language) has been patented in US, with 3 licenses sold to industrial partners.

Jean-Baptiste speaks regularly at artificial intelligence and medical informatics conferences, has written over 50 journal papers. He was awarded the best paper award at MEDINFO 2019, the largest international conference in medical informatics.


Tool Suites for Working with Ontologies

Ontologies are currently the most expressive model for formalizing complex knowledge. However, after modeling an ontology, one often need to connect it to other component, such as a dynamic website or a database. Since more that seven years, the Owlready Python module is developed for facilitating the use of ontology in Python. This module offers the best of three worlds: (a) formal ontologies, with automatic reasoning capabilities, (b) relational databases, with fast access time and huge volume support, and (c) agile programming in Python, with the ability to quickly write scripts and applications.

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