A business model for Translation based on open source software

Henrik Rusche

WIKKI, Germany


Dr. Henrik Rusche completed his PhD degree at Imperial College London on the modelling and simulation of dispersed multi-phase flows in 2003.

He then spent six years working as a project manager at Volkswagen Research, on topics of fluid flow modelling and optimisation.

Upon joining WIKKI in 2008 he has brought in expertise in automotive system simulations, multi-phase flow modelling, numerical work-flow management and multi-objective optimisation. During the MoDeNa project (FP7-NMP), he designed and implemented a multi-scale software framework.

He teaches numerical methods as an Adjunct Professor at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Würtemberg in Mosbach, Germany.


A business model for Translation based on open source software

The presentation aims to draw inspiration and ideas for a business model for independent translators by taking a closer look at the services offered by Wikki, an open-source software and consultancy company delivering services around OpenFOAM® and foam-extend.

The presentation starts with a brief introduction of Wikki and the services it offers. As an illustrative example, the simulation of a complex heat exchanger will be outlined. The example will be used to identify where and when Wikki performs steps of a translation process (with reference to the translators' guide) and how open-source source helps Wikki to act more independently in this role.


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