Next Generation computing at BASF

Brian Chol Soo Standen

BASF Corporation, USA


Brian is an entrepreneur and forward-thinking technology executive with 20+ years of experience in digital transformation and innovation. Brian’s passion lies in developing technologies at the intersection of science, information and business.

As Global Head of Next Generation Computing and Head of Digitalization in Materials and Chemicals R&D North America at BASF, Brian is responsible for strengthening BASF’s digital capabilities in Next Generation Computing areas such as quantum computing as well as enabling the continuous advancement of science and products through the services of Digitalization of R&D. He is currently focused on applying an intrapreneurial approach to the role of future technology that will transform how we understand business and R&D based on digital transformation such as new ways of working, empowerment and agility.

Prior to his current role, Brian was a lead scout in Knowledge Innovation and led Computational Biology. Brian received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and English from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his Master of Business Administration from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler School of Business.


Next Generation Computing @ BASF

Next generation computing technologies will change the way in which we approach science and business. Technologies such as quantum computing and neuromorphic computing are a quickly developing across suppliers, corporates and government.

While most next generation technologies are still developing toward viable commercial applications, the promise of these technologies is enormous. Join me as I discuss the promising areas in which next generation computing can be applied.


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