Digital Twin in Metal Materials Manufacturing

Hermann Autenrieth

Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany


Jan. 2019 –  today
Robert Bosch GmbH
Senior Expert for process chain optimization
Development of virtual descriptions of process chains based on physical and data-based methods

Feb. 2011 – Dez. 2018
Robert Bosch GmbH
Research Engineer
Heat treatment process development and modeling

Sept. 2006 – Jan. 2011
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Research assistant (PhD + PostDoc)
Developing of finite element models for cutting operations
Physical mechanism-based simulation of manufacturing chains


Digital Twin in Metal Materials Manufacturing

In metal manufacturing, components with highest quality requirements are produced for many aspects of life. Therein a sequence of manufacturing processes has to be managed with defined quality gates along the process chain. For this reason, specifications upon that sufficiently describe the condition of material batches are agreed between customers and suppliers.

This paper will provide an overview of possible modelling approaches that are required to create digital twins of components along manufacturing and supply chains, namely #1 Ontology for heat treatment process nitriding, #2 Physical modeling for martensite transformation and #3 Statistical method for quality assurance.

The application of a digital representative of the manufacturing and quality assurance chain hereby shows a high potential for further efficiency improvements.