Materials Digitalisation: EMMC Roadmap and AMI2030

Gerhard Goldbeck

EMMC, Belgium


PhD in Polymer Physics (University of Bristol), Dipl-Phys. (RWTH Aachen) and Part II Theoretical Physics (Cambridge University).

Managing Director at Goldbeck Consulting Ltd (GCL), offering services focussed on increasing industrial impact of materials modelling. GCL is project partner in a range of EU projects including OntoTrans, OntoCommons, MarketPlace, VIMMP, OYSTER, OpenModel and NanoMECommons.

Co-author of the European Materials & Modelling Ontology (EMMO).

Founding Member and Executive Secretary of EMMC ASBL.


Materials Digitalisation: EMMC Roadmap and AMI2030

EMMC has been working closely with the AMI2030, taking the leadership of the Working Group on Materials Digitalisation. In this context and founded in the experience from a wide range of EMMC related projects, EMMC has been developing its vision of the confluence of Materials Science and Engineering in the digital transition. The vision is encompasses the following:

  • That materials data that is well documented in a  harmonised way will become  interoperable. The integration of digitalised materials data will be a cornerstone in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.
  • That capacities and capabilities are developed for materials modelling and characterisation, data documentation based on ontologies, federated data management with trusted data access and exchange, and data exploitation with Machine Learning/AI and safe and sustainable-by-design principles. as well as data regarding safety, life cycle assessment and sustainability.
  • Activities of generating data and insights (from modelling, characterisation etc), documenting that data (using ontologies), managing the data (curation in a federated system with easy access) and exploiting the data (based on improved interoperability and ready for AI/ML) build a virtuous cycle throughout materials design, development, use and re-use.
  • A Common Digital Materials Ecosystem with federated data repositories and a well-managed materials data infrastructure at its core will bring benefits for all actors along the materials value chains. Such an ecosystem will ensure interoperability between all ‘horizontal enabler’ technologies, and enable integration of the information rendered. This calls for the joint development of a digital materials market orchestrated to accelerate the design and development of advanced materials as well as ensure materials safety and sustainability throughout their life cycle.
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