Building the world ground up: a software journey

Bijan Yadollahi

CMCL Innovations, United Kingdom


Research and Innovation Manager at CMCL

Mechanical Engineer (PhD and MSc from AUT and BSc from Shiraz University), with experience in computational methods (particularly Computational Fluid Dynamics) and digital engineering applied to automotive, decarbonisation and energy conversion fields

Most recent area of activity on applications of Dynamic Knowledge Graphs to create Connected Digital Twins, enabling cross-sector, semantic data interoperability

Also leading CMCL’s contributions to research and innovation collaborations, including DOME 4.0, OpenModel, OntoTrans and SimDOME


Building the world ground up: a software journey

Computational models, nuerical methods and software continue to play a major role in addressing materials modelling challenges. In particular, digital workflows that combine high-fidelity detailed physico-chemical models with data-driven analytics have the ability to offer insight into material synthesis and process control as well as to help reduce the underlying development costs and time-to-market. CMCL’s software engineering and scientific research practices in developing such digital workflows combining its kinetics and MoDS software will be presented. More recently, the company’s development of The World Avatar as a dynamic knowledge graph technology is providing a means to enable interoperability across multiple heterogeneous data sources, software and workflows thereby addressing decision support challenges involving multiple domains such as materials, energy and infrastructure. The techno-economic challenges faced and the lessons learnt as an R&D-driven software developer will be shared.