1st KG-AI Summit | APR 19, 2024 |


The Knowledge Graph Alliance (KGA) is excited to announce the 1st KG-AI Summit.

Date: 19.04.202419.04.2024
City: Cranfield
Country: UK
Organisers: The Knowledge Graph Alliance (KGA)


The Knowledge Graph Alliance (KGA) is excited to announce the 1st KG-AI Summit, a premier event set to take place on April 19, 2024, at Cranfield University, United Kingdom. This event marks a significant milestone in the KGA’s journey, bringing together the brightest minds from industry and academia to advance the field of knowledge graphs and AI.

The summit will occur after the KGA General Assembly, a member-only event on April 18 at the same venue.

Attendees of the KG-AI summit will have the opportunity to hear from distinguished keynote speakers and experts in the domains of semantics and knowledge graph technology. The workshop aims to foster innovation, share cutting-edge research, and explore practical applications. It will also introduce participants to the KGA’s upcoming initiatives and facilitate interaction with leading software vendors.

Registration, Agenda, Travel direction and Accommodation

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