Global Workshop: Ontology Commons addressing challenges of the Industry 5.0 transition / NOV 2-5, 2021


Standardised data documentation and data sharing valorisation to foster data-driven innovation

Date: 02.11.202105.11.2021
Organisers: EMMC related H2020 project OntoCommons

The EMMC related H2020 project OntoCommons organises the global workshop

The Industry 5.0 aims to support the transformation of manufacturing sites into more digital and environmentally friendly solutions and industrial processes. This new technology supports the long-term strategy for the European industrial future that aims to have better data quality, close connection of scientific and research infrastructures and cooperation with industrial players that can contribute to an efficient economic and societal framework.

The OntoCommons project plays a relevant role in this context as it addresses the need of strengthen the interoperability of industrial solutions through the establishment of common semantic basis in different domains (e.g. materials and manufacturing) that supports the improvements of digital interactions, collaborations, co-innovation, re-use and valorisation of data.

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