OntoCommons OCES Workshop | SEP 19-20, 2023 | Tarbes, FR


Training on Ontology Engineering using the OntoCommons Ecosystem

Date: 19.09.202320.09.2023
City: Tarbes
Country: France
Organisers: EMMC-related initiative OntoCommons



ENIT, along with other partners of the EMMC -related initiative OntoCommons, will conduct multi-day training and hands-on sessions from 19th to 20th September, 2023, at Tarbes, France, aiming to introduce the OntoCommons Ecosystem (OCES) to a wider audience, including ontology practitioners and data modelers from industry and academia.

Ontology is gaining momentum as a solution to intra- and cross-domain data interoperability. In the last two decades numerous ontologies, development methodologies and tools have been proposed. The wide variety of choices often makes it challenging to find the right path to deploy ontologies for business and research. The adoption of OntoCommons Ecosystem (OCES) not only ensure quality in ontology development by applying standard workflows and practical toolchains but also allows users to adopt many existing ontologies to cut down the development time at the same time being consistent in terms of logic and semantics, thanks to the harmonized ontology stack developed by OntoCommons.

The training session has limited seats available and therefore invitation-only.

We still accept applications from representatives from industries and academia. Please apply via the OntoCommons Event Page.

The participants are required to bring their own laptop. All other materials and access to tools will be provided on-site.

More information and application!

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