Webinar on "The Job of a Simulation Opportunities Coach", FEB 5, 2021 / 14:00 CET


EMMC presents another webinar within the EMMC Webinar Series

Date: 05.02.202105.02.2021
Organisers: EMMC



EMMC Webinar Series

The EMMC continues the "EMMC Webinar Series" and would like to invite you to the next on February 5, 2021 at 14:00 CET.


"The job of a Simulation Opportunities Coach"
February 5, 2021 / 14:00 CET

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Three strands of the EMMC (business and economics; business decisions and translators) have been merged. From the deliverables a table called Business Opportunities for Simulation has been created; and a second table is called Solution Comparison. The first table lists the opportunities that four management levels in a company could be made aware of. The second table lists the aspects that play a role in the comparison of three solutions: reference data, simulation and experiments.

Purpose of the meeting is

  1. to present our results
  2. to solicit participation to a new working group in the Focus Area IMPACT to elaborate the tables and to test them with companies



Anne de Baas, Denka Hristova and Donna Dykeman

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