Webinar - What can ontologies do for standardisation? / SEPT 30, 2021


OntoCommons.eu project in the standardisation ecosystem

Date: 30.09.202130.09.2021
Organisers: EMMC related project OntoCommons

The EMMC related H2020 project OntoCommons organised the online webinar "What can ontologies do for standardisation? OntoCommons.eu project in the standardisation ecosystem" on September 30, 2021.

Objective of the webinar

OntoCommons is the EU H2020 funded project dedicated to the standardisation of data documentation through ontologies. One of its main objectives is to create synergies and cooperate with relevant bodies and initiatives, in particular European and international standardisation bodies. In this webinar, the OntoCommons consortium will present the impacts and future plans that the project is addressing in the standardization context, the current landscape and standardisation priorities, and some examples of ongoing collaborations.

Presentations and a recording of the webinar are available on the event page!

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