EMMC 2021 International Workshop

Thanks for making our major 2021 event a success!

Published on 17.03.2021
Published by EMMC

Sign-ups from all over Europe and from USA, Canada, Japan and Israel!


Dear EMMC Community,

Thanks for making our 2021 event a success with your provision of excellent talks and being an attentive audience who asked many questions and raised important points.




We had 250 sign-ups for our event and we were happy to add many new members to our community. As you can see, we had participation from all over Europe (95%). We wand USA, Canada, Japan and Israel and 37% of our participants were from Industry, 61% from Academia and 2% were Policy Makers.


Let's keep in touch!

We want to keep the momentum going and encourage all of you to keep sharing your ideas in one of our Focus Areas:


You can select up to three Focus Areas and Full Individual Members and Organisational Members of EMMC can set up and lead Task Groups. Task Groups should be supported by at least one Focus Area and have objectives that lead to specific outcomes in a 12-to-18-month time frame.

We are looking forward to meeting you on our forums and many events to come,

Nadja and Gerhard

Information is still available on on the EMMC 2021 Event page!!

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