New EMMC topic related publication in ChemistrySelect: Vol 7, No 19 - Chemistry Europe

Bisphosphonates on Smooth TiO2: Modeling and Characterization

Published on April 20, 2022
Published by Leonardo F. G. Dias, João P. C. Rheinheimer, Orisson P. Gomes, Dr. Michael Noeske, Stephani Stamboroski, Dr. Erika S. Bronze-Uhle, Prof. Maria C. Mainardi, Dr. Welchy L. Cavalcanti, Prof. Augusto B. Neto, Paulo N. Lisboa-Filho

Bisphosphonates adsorbed on TiO2 were investigated in this work. Molecules can vary their reactivity according to medium and deprotonation. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy demonstrated that functionalization occurs in a short time and resulted in a predominantly “side-on” adsorbate configuration after two hours of immersion. The surface is negatively charged due to deprotonated phosphonates, as demonstrated by zeta potential. Molecules adsorb following surface topography, unchanging surface roughness.


"The cover picture shows different aspects related to the work. Characterization data (CHADA) and modeling data (MODA) representationsfoster interdisciplinary understanding and facilitate standardizedcommunication of material-specific interphase characteristics."





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