EMMC’s statement on the new initiatives boosting European industrial leadership in advanced materials

EMMC welcomes the strategy for Europe to ensure industrial leadership in advanced materials proposed by the European Commission in a recent Communication.

Published on 04.03.2024
Published by EMMC

It recognises advanced materials as a key enabler for the green and digital transition and builds on the work of the Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative to which EMMC is a proud contributor in the materials modelling and digitalisation areas.

The communication acknowledges a number of key challenges which strongly overlap with EMMC topics, including the long innovation processes and an insufficient level of digitalisation, a need for harmonised standards and a lack of skills. Specifically, it calls for making better use of the advances in modelling and AI, harmonisation of data descriptions and upskilling of researchers and workers in making use of digital tools, including AI.

An overarching goal is to create a long-term sustainable European digital infrastructure for advanced materials research & innovation ecosystem – “materials commons”, as elaborated in the AMI2030 and EMMC Roadmaps and activities.

The exciting possibility of launching a European digital infrastructure consortium will be explored. The materials commons will foster shared materials taxonomies, ontologies and data interoperability, while supporting both the virtual design of materials and the digitalisation of manufacturing processes at the same time. The strategy will significantly accelerate the go-to-market process of innovative materials.

The EMMC is looking forward to further contributing to addressing the challenges set out, in particular regarding modelling and digital representation of materials, related standards and industrial uptake.


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