EMMO 1.0.0-alpha release

European Materials & Modelling Ontology: EMMO 1.0.0-alpha release

Published on 13.03.2020
Published by EMMC

EMMC is pleased to announce the first pre-release of the European Materials & Modelling Ontology (EMMO). It marks a major milestone in the development of a new standard representational framework (the ontology) for applied sciences.

The release consists of

  • EMMO Top Level ontology, which includes the fundamental axioms that constitute the philosophical foundation of the EMMO.
  • EMMO Middle Level ontology, which includes a set of perspectives to be used for the development of more specialised domain ontologies.

The Middle level is also where cross-domain ontologies are included. In the EMMO 1.0.0-alpha release there is a metrology branch including the International System of Quantities and SI system, laying the foundation for a semiotic-based property system in EMMO.

Next alpha releases will include the following Middle Level developments:

  • Chemical composition
  • Extension of the physical quantities set
  • Position-based symbolic structures (e.g. list, array)

Also, a test suite for checking sub-modules against the EMMO convention is planned.

The release and further information can be accessed via the EMMO Github repository

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