EMMO - Elementary Multiperspective Material Ontology

EMMC and the EMMO Governance Committee are pleased to announce the new EMMO logo and name

Published on 01.09.2021
Published by EMMC & EMMO Governance Committee

Elementary Multiperspective Material Ontology, formerly European Materials & Modelling Ontology

Having its origin in materials modelling, EMMO quickly developed into a semantic framework for the applied science, and the change in name, while keeping the familiar acronym, reflects key traits of EMMO, as being

  • Elementary, i.e. a discrete ontology assuming the existence of a smallest possible 4D world object in space and time. Elementary also emphasizes EMMO being a fundamental, top-level ontology.
  • Multiperspective highlights that EMMO enables the user to describe the world from different perspectives which makes the ontology both flexible and expressive.
  • Material (as the opposite of immaterial) emphasises that EMMO is strictly nominalistic, meaning that it assumes that abstracts do not exist. Material also refers to the historical scope of EMMO aiming at the description of materials and thus to cover the needs of physicists and applied scientists.

From its origins in the EMMC-CSA, EMMO is now being developed and in use in many projects and applications. For further information and explanation of the logo, please visit https://github.com/emmo-repo/EMMO

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