Materials 2030 roadmap draft published

Presented at IndTech 2022 Conference at Grenoble on June 29, 2022

Published on 01.07.2022
Published by EMMC

Advanced materials are key enabling technologies to deliver the solutions to reach climate neutrality, circularity and sustainability, meaning that enhanced circularity and responsible practices should systematically be part of each and every development, focusing on sustainable and safe advanced materials.

Also, Europe realizes its dependency on other regions for its strategic value chains and now wants to reinforce its autonomy and preserve its technology leadership. These goals can only be achieved by collectively re-inventing the way advanced materials are developed.

The publication of the draft Materials 2030 Roadmap is an important milestone to pave the way towards a structured European Materials 2030 Initiative for the planet, people, and prosperity.
The draft Materials 2030 Roadmap and the proposed next steps towards a structured Materials 2030 initiative were discussed during the IndTech2022 conference.

Materials 2030 Roadmap draft

MATERIALS 2030 INITIATIVE - Building on theMaterials 2030 Manifesto
Presented by Lars Montelius, INL @ IndTech2022, Grenoble, France