Result of the OA Chairs Election 2022

The Chairs of the EMMC Organisational Assembly (OA) represent all EMMC Organisational Members

Published on 14.06.2022
Published by EMMC

Dear EMMC Organisational Members,

We are pleased to announce the result of the election for Chair and Co-Chairs of the EMMC Organisational Assembly.

The candidates and their descriptions are available here for reference: 2022-06-EMMC-OA-Chair-candidates

The elections were held online from 03. to 13.06.2022

Each Organisational Member main representative had two votes.

The resulting votes cast were:

Natalia Konchakova - 19
Ilian Todorov - 19
Costas Charitidis - 13

Franz Pirker - 12
Jürgen Spitaler - 5

Therefore EMMC is pleased to confirm Natalia Konchakova, Ilian Todorov and Costas Charitidis as Chairs and Co-Chairs of the Organisational Assembly. They will be your representatives on the EMMC Board of Directors for the next three years.

We would like to thank all candidates and in particular Franz Pirker (AC2T) for serving as EMMC OA Co-Chair for the past two years, making many valuable contributions to the governance of EMMC ASBL.

Best regards

Gerhard Goldbeck

EMMC Executive Secretary

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