SusNanoFab- Industrial Needs Survey

EMMC related H2020 project SusNanoFab launched a survey on industrial needs

Published on 27.08.2021
Published by EMMC & SusNanoFab


SUSNANOFAB would like to understand how companies seek to identify and address solutions to their industrial needs and their willingness to work with others to solve their needs.

The project is surveying industrial stakeholders to help identify what their immediate industrial needs are. These are the challenges that they face in bringing their products or services to the market and could include knowledge gaps, financial needs, access to infrastructures or regulatory compliance.

This survey will help the project in constructing its digital platform and also help identify possible brokerage opportunities that can be addressed by SUSNANOFAB partners.

EMMC would like to invite all members representing companies (not only our Organisational Members) to take part in this survey!

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