SUSNANOFAB Open Access Digital Platform

H2020 SUSNANOFAB project bridges the missing links in the nano-fabrication ecosystem towards a competitive and sustainable industry

Published on 25.05.2020
Published by EMMC

Sustainable Nanofabrication

The international consortium of 13 partners kicked-off the project in March 2020 and is committed to delivering an EU-wide Strategic Roadmap on nano-fabrication and developing an Open Access Digital Platform that will tackle the missing links in the nano-fabrication ecosystem. This Platform aims developing links to the EMMC materials modelling marketplace.

If you are active in the field of nano-fabrication, help SUSNANOFAB create a robust network where users will have access to services, infrastructures and expertise.

Participate in this survey and contribute to defining the user requirements of the platform that will be the bases of a co-creation process towards a meaningful and instrumental tool.

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