White paper "Guideline Business Decision Support Systems (BDSS) for Materials Modelling"

White paper published by EMMC BDSS Guideline 01-2020 Joint Working Group

Published on 09.10.2020
Published by EMMC

Joint Working Group assembled between three European funded projects EMMC-CSA – GA No723867, FORCE – GA No721027, COMPOSELECTOR – GA No721105, and contributors from the respective projects.

Methods and tools are constantly sought by manufacturing organisations to help reduce the time to reach decisions and solve problems, to reduce the costs of running the business, and to improve solution flexibility by providing different perspectives to a given question or problem. Materials modelling is seen as part of an emerging toolkit to help reach these business goals, however, realising the benefits of materials modelling in development areas such as the ‘sweet spots’ requires investment in a framework to help materials modelling plug-in to the business. In this work, we describe the components of Business Decisions Support Systems for materials modelling.

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