Job: NTNU -PhD Research fellows in SFI PhysMet

Several PhD positions are available in a newly granted Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI), Center for Sustainable and Competitive Metallurgical and Manufacturing Industry (SFI PhysMet), hosted by NTNU (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Department of Physics), together with key research partners (SINTEF and IFE), and user partners from the metallurgical and manufacturing industry in Norway.

Published on 28.09.2020
Published by EMMC - NTNU


The objective of CRI PhysMet is to enable and accelerate the transformation of the national metal industry towards more sustainable and cost-efficient production, future material products, solutions and improved processing methods. CRI PhysMet will contribute to long-term competence building and prepare for innovations within four main areas i) metal recycling and compensational metallurgy (of light metals), i.e. the ability to cancel negative effects of impurities and exploiting potential positive effects of impurities and increased amounts of alloying elements, enabling significantly more recycling in the metal-based value chains; ii) solid-state recycling (e.g. screw extrusion) and mechanical alloying, with the prospect of new alloys and composites with improved properties; iii) rapid solidification, with prospects of development new feedstock materials for additive manufacturing; and iv) welding and joining methods (for e.g. aluminium and steels), with prospects of new material- and processing solutions for high-end markets.

The candidates will be part of a world-class research environment on physical metallurgy and the candidate will work in close collaboration with the research- and industry partners. Upon completion of the PhD degree, the candidate is expected to be well qualified for a career in both academia and industry.

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