Reflection paper on "The role of Materials in the post-covid society" published by EC

This Reflection Paper addresses the role of materials in the post-covid society and summarises positioning, potential solutions, and recommendations that stem from the European Materials community (Alliance for Materials A4M) towards Horizon Europe in the post-covid scenario.

Published on 24.09.2020
Published by EMMC - European Commission - A4M_Alliance for Materials - EUMAT

Also EMMC contributed to this paper which compiles existing Strategic Research Agendas (SRAs) of different materials stakeholders and address a specific reflection in the context of the current coronavirus pandemic. It puts forward proposals for strategic research and innovation activities to the European Commission, Member States, and the European Parliament, taking into account the objectives of the Green Deal Priorities and Recovery Plan.

Published by the EU Commission in the section Latest news. 

Download the report: “The role of Materials in the post-COVID society” [pdf]




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