Session 6

European and national policy developments

The close link between societal challenges, as for example expressed in the Twin Green and Digital Transition, and the design, development, use and re-use of materials the topics of EMMC 2023 has been widely discussed. As expressed in the theme of EMMC 2023, materials and digitalisation are two core and closely interlinked aspects of the Green Transition and the EU Strategic Autonomy. Each on its own comes with big challenges such as how humanity uses and today often wastes materials resources, and how digital technologies can be utilised advantageously.   

The need for uniting materials and digital competences and capabilities have been recognised in a wide range of  policies and initiatives at national, European and international levels, in Europe most prominently by the Advanced Materials Initiative 2030.

This session will discuss the policy landscape from a European, national and international perspectives to highlight challenges, opportunities and required actions, contributing to an update of the EMMC Roadmap.

Session 6 is related to EMMC Focus Area "Policy"

Day 3 - Friday, Apr 27, 2023
10:15 - 13:00
Room Festsaal

Needs for future actions in advanced materials
by Jana Drbohlavova (EC DG Research & Innovation, BE)

Research & Technology Infrastructures, Careers and Skills in the ERA Policy Agenda
by Rene Martins (EC DG Research & Innovation, BE)

R&D on Materials Modelling in BMK
by Alexander Pogány (Federal Ministry Republic of Austria, AT)

Overview of Advanced Materials Initiative AMI2030
by Philippe Jacques (EMIRI, BE)

Materials Digitalisation: EMMC Roadmap and AMI2030
by Gerhard Goldbeck (EMMC, BE)

Anne de Baas (Consultant, BE)